Monday, March 27, 2006


OK have figured out what was wrong with camera. I just needed to take some pics. So here we go..... I knitted myself another triangle for the spring, and I must say it came out BeaUtiful... have a looksee.. I love this color combo. Still isn't felted as much as the pattern photo, but I couldn't felt it anymore. I think the problem is my washer is a calypso, less agitation, keeps clothes new, longer. Not good for felting. I also hand felted this in a pot for about a half hour. This may have contributed to wrist injury. I also took pic upclose of all the stitching I did by hand. I'm starting to not hate all this hand stitching stuff anymore. I guess the more practice, the better I get. Also, check out these cute little gifts. I figured, hostess gifts (because I always bring the hostess something) or gifs for my sisters for easter. They are brooches. Cute, right???? I dipped into the antique button bin. This as I have told you before is not so easy for me to do. I put them in mini chinese containers with easter grass. Move over Martha Stewart, here I come....I could have been her next apprentice. Also, you know who stopped in during the photo session to help set the picture up...Cats like to help!!!!


Jen said...

The bag looks great! Love the colors, I have a serious thing for reverse stitching too. The details really make the bag. Those brooches are cute too, great packaging.

Becca said...

Thank you!! It's a pattern from pick up sticks that I bought from jimmybeans wool. So easy to knit. Wish I could make up my own pattern like this!!!!