Tuesday, March 14, 2006


OK I promised I would post today. I am feeling, not so good. I will not say why. I am not a happy knitter today. I am a sad knitter. I think the knitting and yoga are what is keeping me sane at this point in time. So let us return to a happier time, shall we? Good let's go back...... Toasty. On the way back in the car from seeing Depeche Mode in concert. Sweaty and mussed up from dancing around the top of the stadium for hours. We had decent seats, however, everyone was around the top of the stadium in nose bleed section dancing and having so much fun.... Well we gave up the seats and joined them. This was pre-college, I was oblivious to everything except this particular moment in time. I had no cash. I definetly was NOT thinking about that when this was taken. Look at the big smile. HEHE. twenty-something having fun. Let me rephrase, blonde twenty-something having fun. Don't get me wrong I still have fun, wouldn't trade my life for anything, but there are moments like this.. They capture the time of youth. They capture unadulterated, uncaring, screw the consequences, FUN. yeah, that.

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