Sunday, March 12, 2006


I have been missing. Oh yeah. Gearing up for a craft fair in 2 weeks. We'll see how it goes. I was looking through the small amount of stuff left over from november's show and realized, most of my scarfs are heavy duty winter. Yeah that's not going to sell. I have also been sticking to the workout schedule, so less time to be in front of the old computer. And, can't get the camera to work with the disk reader. Ugh. No pics. I am currently working on a felted bag. I also learned to do a lazy daisy embroider stitch (thanks Janet). I put a row of them on a felted bag, so cute. I will take a pic asap. I promise I'll try to post more this week. Including spt. Yoga class has been going really good. Friday night hubby and I drove out to pennsie for a class with my old teacher. It is also so nice to be the student again. I really needed to be babied. I loved every minute of it. She had a full house. I'm so happy for her. Check out the studio @ . I think it's so wonderful when your dream becomes a reality. Ok, so since it is Sunday I will leave you with my music discussion of the day. Anyone remember the band WireTrain? Buzz Buzz, Buzz, Buzz in the ear drum has been playing in my head all day. I have no idea how it got their. I still have the tape. Remember tapes????? I have a butt load of them all from the eighties and nineties. I think I will take some pics for next sunday. Oh they also sung that song "No Pretties" I loved (LOVED) that song.

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