Sunday, February 19, 2006

Field trip day

After work today, my friend Janet and I took a field trip. We stopped at Mickey D's for happy meals then we took a drive to the LYS. The problem(not really a problem, unless you are addicted to acrylic) is that there are 4 LYS's within a half hour of here. Expensive LYS's. So we took a trip to one. I really love Manos yarn. I have to say it is one of my favorites. The Alpaca (minty green) I couldn't take my hands off it is so soft. Now, I already have 2 skeins in red sitting in my stash, so I really need to do a project with this before Easter. The greyish looking manos in the center actually has a minty green color running through it and it is very pretty. The zen is a ribbon yarn and I will find something flowery to do with it. I figured while I took a pic I would snap a second one of my "zen" knitting spot, which is still a work in progress... It's a lovely sitting corner in my bedroom. I want to get a cushier chair. This is a pampadam that I bought at pier one. I really want a nicer chair, but the problem is kitty. She looovess to scratch stuff. This is why we don't have nice furniture. She ruined our couch after we bought it and when my hubby found out he was PISSED!!!!! So, rather than waste money we just use the money for other projects around the house. Next up new carpet. I wanted hard wood in this room, but H thought it would be too cold. So soon we will pick out a new carpet. Exercised today also. Did it kicking and screaming, but I did it. Wish I could enjoy exercising as much as I enjoy yarn shopping!!!!!!! Thanks for going with me Janet!

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