Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Self potrait tuesday

Sorry I've seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth. I was in Fort Myers, Fla. visiting my grandmother and her sister. A somber type of visit. Gram is not doing too great and my Aunt came to pick her up and move her over to St Augustine. It was sad to see 2 sisters seperated. But I am glad I got to visit with both of them. My Aunt's place is so cute, right on a golf course. I even went to Senior citizen happy hour with them, what a hoot!
So for SPT, what better a day to post a romantical picture. It was spring break and my then "boyfriend" took me to Las Vegas for vacation. Being a pharmacy student I brought my books with me because I had a huge test the day we got back from break. I would study for a few hours during the day and then we would sight see and go out dancing at night. This pic was taken March 16th, we were at the Venetian. He wanted to take me on a gondola ride. I was senorita cranky pants because I wanted to eat something. Him, obviously too nervous to eat, but I didn't know this. We waited an hour for the gondola rise. I had a backpack with me, and halfway through the ride my hubby asked me for the backpack. I give it to him and I'm looking all around admiring the scenary, when I here the gondolier(?? is that what they call them??) say,,"Sir you have to sit down you can't get out of your seat." Well, there her is on one knee with box extended asking me to marry him. I was suprised! I am so lucky! He is what I waited 27 years to find and 31 years to marry. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day.XOXO.

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