Thursday, June 08, 2006


Been busy. Trying to finish baby blanket number one. It's done. I had to change the yarn I use on the border because as usual, I messed up. The snuggle yarn if so fluffy, can't see the stitches or the mitered border design. So I used white worsted. I'm not entirely happy with the results. I have to block then I will post pic and give my final opinion. The baby this blanket is slated for has not yet been born, only because she is running late. She was due on June 1. She will make me a "great aunt", oy. Worse yet my sister will be a grandmother, HA HA!!!!! I have also been planning my youngest sister's (aka master gardner) baby shower. I'm having fun. My step sister just found out she is pregnant. There are 6 of us girls, my mom has 3 daughters and my stepdad has 3 daughters. The two youngest are now pregnant. Me? I'm the oldest out of everyone. As to my situation on that front, no comment.
I have also been planting more stuff, perrenials... Delphinium, Hellenium(? I'll check on that name again) and another butterfly bush (bodelia).

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