Saturday, June 10, 2006

Baby blanket one is done!!!!

Holy Mackeral, that took a long time. It just so happens that when learning things, well, knitted things ( I had an easier time with trigonometry) I have to do everything two, three times until I get it right. Am I completely happy with results? eh, um, yeah, for a first baby blanket. You may, or may not notice that the sides (and I tried to even this out for a "tie dye" effect) are a darker shade of yellow. Yes, this dippy chick forgot to check dye lots and several skeins were a different shade. So said baby has not yet been born. She is taking her time, now 9 days late. Here's a close up of pattern. It has a diamond shape throughout. The yarn is SO SOFT.... but I will say, probably better off just doing a garter stitch blanket. I used paton's be mine. Now, yesterday, and if Master gardner is reading, please stop, spoiler alert.....
Looking for baby blanket number 2 yarn, I had in my cart the same yarn in a different color. I stopped myself. I have a plan for BB#2. Sneak peak soon, I promise. I have until sept. to finish. I'm doing my own pattern... Brave soul that I am. How better to learn new things? I figure it's the quickest way to writing my own pattern. Let me tell you, I searched for hours last night, and did not find any patterns for what I have in mind. One more pic.. check out kitty.. so fricken cute.. Her daddy found her like this.... She misses us, so she snuggles into our blankie.

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