Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Welcome to the world Marisella

Baby Girl Marisella made her appearance at 1:17 am today. She is beautiful. Mom and baby are doing well. I will be visiting tommorrow, but got a pic message from my niece. I'm a "great" Aunt. Well, I am a great Aunt, but now I am a great aunt. Which makes my 36 year old sister a grandmother. Phew, are we getting old? Nah. I can't wait to give her the blanket. I have been busy preparing for the baby shower this weekend. I still have to shop, bake, clean, finish decorating and make the favors, oh and finish baby hat. I have also been gardening my butt off. I was so happy to teach last night because my back has been killing me since sun. I will post pics soon of all the gardening. Happy Birthday to my Hubby. He's the best in the whole wide world.

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