Monday, June 19, 2006

showers of happiness

Busy weekend!! Hosted babyshower for my sister. I had so much fun decorating and buying everything. It was a lovely day (if I say so myself). She's due in late august/sept. Baby girl :) I did not finish hat yet, but close. I had some logistical problems. Decreasing by cont in patt is driving me loco. I'm trying to break free of having to see a pattern in front of me and just working the stitches by gut instinct. There is cables in the hat so this is where the problem is presenting itself. Big thanks to Gabo and mom for helping me out with sat. festivities. Gabo and I went to pick up cake, flowers (from whole foods) and appetizers from Wegmans. Then she helped me bake the favors for the shower. I had this idea of baking cookies so that it was something little to snack on . So I made two kinds, white chocolate macadamia nut coconut and chocolate chips. Each lady got 1 bag of each. I thought it would be better than a useless piece of plastic gift. I had fun baking fri pm. My neighbor and Gabo were over and I made a piture of margaritas. On that subject I made white sangria and pink lemonade for cocktails. My color theme for the shower was pink and green. Because shower recipient is also known as mastergardener I thought it would be great to have lots of beautiful flowers. I found these peonies at Whole Foods. They were beautiful. The cake was perfect. I found a woman who works for the same company as I do. She makes them out of her home. I sent her a picture of what I wanted on the cake and it was perfect!!!!! It was a great day but boy am I exhausted. Phew... I need a nappy...

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