Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Look what the yarn fairy brought me!!!

Thank you UPS for being so quick in your delivery. Thank you WEBS for fast, speedy service. How fun is it when you, go on the internet, pick out your colors, call the company on monday am, and have your yarn by tuesday afternoon??? This is the second time I have ordered from WEBS ( and both times the order has come within a day. This time I was on a cascade 220 kick. I'm anticipating some heavy felting sessions going on. I already have one item ready to go. (pics soon) I also have a 50.00 gift cert. to the LYS in pennsie. Just have to get there. I have a feeling more felting yarn will be purchased. Other than that today is a lazy day for hubby and I. We were going to go to see Superman, but on opening day, a rainy one at that, not a good idea. We slept until 10:30 this am. We were both exhausted from working the weekend and Miss kitty woke us up about 1am crying and puking. Poor kitty, poor me, on hands and knees cleaning up 6 piles of puke. I have to say that oxyclean spray works pretty darn good. Bet hubby is happy we didn't get new carpeting yet. Oy, can you imagine? I want cream colored carpeting for my bedroom, it would have been a crime scene. Alright, have a peaceful day..


Charity said...

Beautiful yarn! That really is super fast shipping.

Becca said...

Second time they have been so fast, especially if your in the northeast