Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some gardening pics

I was a late "bloomer" when it came to gardening. Always living in apts. It was not my "thing". Until I shared an apt with my husband. It all began one spring with a potted geranium/ivy mix. By the end of the summer the ivy had almost grown from my upstairs apt to the ground. I was hooked!!! Now, forget it. We have 3 gardening centers 5 mins from our house. They know me there. So here are some pics..These are perennials, they are some kind of cone flower. Dear do not eat them. We have lots of dear... They ate my oriental day lilies for the second year in a row. I did the planters in fron red with purple mini bells. I also hung the large petunia baskets. Aren't those rhododendron gorgeous???? Their are more bushes on both sides and all around the house. The pic on top of the pink geraniums does not do them justice. There is a variagated one in their that is just gorgeous. In the back I put this other planter with an orange/purple theme. There is a "cigar plant" in there. They have really cool cigar shaped orange blooms. Last but not least, my window box. My sister Rachel recommended mixing yellow with the red and purple theme. (she's the master gardener). So I did 2 yellow and 1 red dahlia, red and purple verbena. I will retake these pics at the end of the summer, so we can see the growth!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shout out to the master gardener. They look really good. Try mixing fuschia (think geraniums,trailing petunias, vinca flower)orange, (think marigolds-great choice,they look good in a mixed planter)and purple(think ageratum,upright verbena,lobelia,etc.) Wish I could be there to help with the planting,location and color choices. Always thinking of you. Happy planting.