Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You've got mail

Got new mail today, ordered yarn and pattern from got my stuff in 2 days, all the way from Reno!!! Here's pic. New adventures in felting. But this bag is toooo cute. I'm still working on herribngbone poncho, but I also started a scarf using Rowan polar. I'm trying a wheatear pattern. I think it looks like hearts, and I love hearts.
Ok a word about the avian flu. Mass panic is staring to set in. I have people asking me for antivirals left and right. You need a prescription people. Let me get on my pharmacist soap box for one minute and say, If we keep using antibiotics when we have a virus, eventually they will NOT work anymore. Also if you stop taking the antibiotic before you are finished with the full therapy, eventually antibiotics WILL NOT WORK. This is not just for the guy who has 3 Amoxil left in his bottle but ALL of us. The bug becomes resistant to the med. Let's just say the same goes for the antiviral. Is the bird flu coming? you betcha. Should you be concerned? ah yeah... Let's get on the people in charge to get their asses in gear and work on this problem before it's on the homefront. Do you know how many people travel from Asia/Europe into this country every day? Are they testing them from avian flu before they are aloud through customs? uh, no, that's not going to be possible. Here is my advice, wash, wash, wash your hands PLAIN soap and water is great. (Nix the antibacterial crap, that's also not helping resitance). Also one final word, Be NICE to your pharmacist, we are often overworked, malnourished. We are on your side, we do our jobs to help people get better, not to become a punching bag for all the cranky pants people out there. We don't make up your copay, be happy you have insurance. Guess what, I'm sick, I get to go to work. So give us a break, huh????
End of soap box. As always check with your doctor before taking any of my advice, after all what do I know.

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