Tuesday, October 11, 2005

No show tuesday

Today was another no show tues at the gym. What's worse is the class before mine 2nd week in a row the girl called out. She had a decent kickboxing class, but the RWJ gym and the new Gold's are taking all the customers away. Sinking ship? I don't know. I know if it was my business I would go down kicking and screaming, these owners haven't been around for 2 weeks. Anyhow, thought it was time to post a pic of my little girl, Bootsie....
Awww, isn't she pretty???Belly pouch included, although she has lost alot of weight since the vet put her on Atkin's diet for kittys. She is about 15 years old, and she has had a semi-rough life. My x-ahole boyfriend broke her femur bone, and then let her sit home all day in pain until I came home from work at 9pm and then tried to figure out what happen to her. You don't need to ask me why we broke up, ugh. But he got his karma, in the end of our miserable relationship as he tried to salvage he cried in her fur every day.
But NOW, she has a daddy who loves her to pieces!!! She gets more attention from him than I do sometimes!!!! It's ok, I guess I can share her ;)

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