Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Monday

Today was a stressful day thus far. But it can only get better. Scheduled to teach in an hour. Got rained out of festival on Sat, but Sun was on and I sold $200 worth of stuff. Janet sold about $165. Not bad for our first time out. There were other women there with knitted stuff, beautiful, but very expensive. They had ponchos for $200 and felted bags for $150 and up. Um, I don't know but, I have a hard time selling a $65 scarf. I can't afford to invest $100 bucks in something that might not sell, and I would rather make myself :) something with that money. Next craftfair is in November. I have a ladies night scheduled for the 22nd, so that's next on the agenda. Should be fun, I asked everyone to bring their favorite appetizer. Just nice to see everyone befor we leave for India. I wore one of my Indian outfits on Sat pm for a party at my mother in law's house. All the Indian girls were dressed in jeans. I like wearing the beautiful outfits my mother-in law brings me back. This stupid thing won't let me start a new paragraph here. Finished another baby hat and a scarf yesterday. I have to replenish my scarf supply. I also bought some ribbon yarn from yarnmarket tonight. All the ladies liked those ribbon scarfs, sold both!!!!!

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