Monday, October 17, 2005

Why do you knit????

Last night while watching this movie, "Saw" my husband inquired, "When are you going to stop knitting?? Why do you knit so much?" Hmmm. It is so meditative and relaxing, except when watching said above horror movie (not for the squimish I might add). I also like the idea that I am making something from a piece of glorified string. Number one reason I knit? It makes me HAPPY! The poncho is coming along well. I did notice that it sheds all over me so I can't wear darking clothing while knitting it. I am hoping to be done by the 29th because we have a wedding and I am wearing a sari that it would look beautiful over. So the question of the day is WHY Do YOU KNIT???


Nessie Noodle said...

You should check out the book "The Zen and Art of Knitting"-

I knit becuase I can sit still and be productive at the same time. I love the idea that a string of fiber can be developed into something so much bigger than what it was before. I love to touch the yarn and I love to give people presents to make them smile! Plus knitting is a craft that I can take anywhere!

ps love your "needs" list...
pps I am LOVING my yoga training, I need to update my blog on the goings on..

ppps Isn't Jimmy Beans Cool? I get to go to the shop and play with the yarn!

Denise said...

I knit because--there are just so many reasons!
It really is simple to do once you figure out what you're doing.
It's relaxing. It's meditative. It's challenging. It's unlimited. There's just so much yarn! It's another method of creating. The colors are so pretty. It makes people say "what are you making/doing?" or "I wish I could do that." OR "I wish I would have learned to do that."