Friday, October 07, 2005

Yeah a new day

I'm currently big on reading non-fiction books. I am half way through "Easier than you think, because life doesn't have to be so hard" by Richard Carlson. There is a chapter that talks about his daughter(?) getting up in the morning and saying, "yeah! daddy I get another one of these!" she is of course referring to a new day. I think about this when I get up in the morning. I still after almost 4 years walk down my stairs and say, Thank you God for giving me this beautiful house! One more note on the philosophical side. Has anyone seen "What the bleep do we know?" It's a GREAT movie. Slightly cerebral but definetly interesting. I bought this book yesterday at B&N, it's something that they spent alot of time talking about in the movie. Treat yourself to this flick. There is part of the movie that deals with an experiment with water and how depending on how a regular bottle of water was labeled (with emotional words, such as I love you or I hate you...) the molecule of water changed it's shape..hmmm interesting. Here's the web address .

Now, I couldn't leave B&N without knitting stuff, this holiday book has some really cute stuff in it. And there is an orange poncho in the cast on that I am going to put on my to do list.

I leave you with one final pic of my newsboy cap made out of yarn I bought at a farmer's market, home spun/dyed. Have a great day!

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