Friday, October 14, 2005

totally off today

I finally have a day off! long week. Mom is coming out today and we are going to do some shopping. I want to try to get additional pieces of the lexmark spooky town collection. I ordered some yarn from only took 3 days to get! Here's a pic.. I think I will restart scarf on larger needles those are only 15's I think the scarf needs 19's.
I also spoke to the girl from Pick up Sticks yesterday, she designed a beautiful bag (among other felted things!!) called triangle. She was very nice on the phone. I can't wait to try to design some of my own things. That green bag I made (my own design) he he, was the first piece to sell at that craft fair. My husband and I went to Red Robin last night, it just opened on Monday. Mmmmm it was good....tasted like more. See this is part of my problem. here's a pic of progress on poncho from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.. Its coming along pretty well for only 2 days work. The stitch was really weird at first but, now it's pretty easy. The yarn is sooo soft, a pleasure to work with.

I just have a list of things I want to do that keeps growing. Including trying to learn some Marathi before we go to India. So I will leave you with one more pic, it's my little girl in her Halloween costume...... OK uploaded wrong pic, can't seem to get rid of them so I shrank them... Isn't she adorable??? Hehe. Found costume in crackerbarrel on way back from my sister's. She was NOT happy, but like I said she will do anything for her Dadu.

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Mitchypoo said...

Rebecca, great job on the blog! What a pretty kitty!