Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Time for a little knitting content on this knitting blog :)
I decided to post some of my WIP's some have been sitting in knitter's jail for quite some time now. I know I have said it in the past, I am self taught and get frustrated after 5 or 6 frogging sessions, so I just put the piece aside until I am motivated to pick it up again. This first project is from Knitty. So cute. It was for my girlfriends daughter who at this point is almost 2 (woopsie). I had a major problem with the bobble thing. I had even practiced the teqnique on a scarf before setting out on this venture. Yeah, I have bobble issues. I believe that there is a great tutorial on bobbles over at . I should probably check it out myself and then I'll have ubercool baby hat for the next girl to be born. Project number two, also from Knitty , a lovely tank top that I originally viewed over at Faerycrafty. (check out Stacie's website she's got all kinds of free links for patterns and she's a very cool chick! Link is on sidebar). This also has been in knitter's jail for about 2 years. Problem was v-neck. I just couldn't see it, got very confused and finally in exasperation laid it down. I think I could probably finish it at this point, but it probably won't fit right now, and the summer is almost over, so.....maybe next spring (haha). Actually maybe I should give it as a BD present. The next project is something I just started yesterday so, it's coming along fine and I foresee no problems...This is from KnitScene. That little mag put out by the folks at Interweave press , I'm using stash yarn!!!!!! This is Baby Alpaca Grande from Plymouth yarns and it's really soft and yummy. I also have several ribbon yarns (in the 'ol stash) that I can use for this. The pattern is really simple and I should finish it up shortly. Will post finished project. There are alot of clothing items in this mag that I would like to make. My coworker and fellow knitter Janet told me I should really start making some clothing items for myself. She's right. I haven't made a sweater since my original lessons. Long,long time ago. So the final WIP is the peace tote. I took it to NY state with me last week. Guess what, I ran out of fricken yarn yet again. I'm probaby 1/4 of a ball short. I have 10 rows to go. I have yet to weave in all the ends on the intarsia side. But I have to say I think it came out pretty darn good.


Charity said...

Look at all your WIP's! Sometimes I find that coming back to a previously abandoned project, I feel all inspired again, and ready to go. I hope that's the case for you. I love the peace tote, and the little bobble hat and Soleil are both great. :0)

FaeryCrafty said...

Aww thanks! Watch the length on that top. It tends to come out short. It is looking very pretty so far!! I love the color :)

m. said...

O Becca, I can't wait to see your little pie-headed baby. :)