Monday, September 18, 2006

Back from Vacationland

I've been vacationing in LBI (long beach island for the non-jerseans in the crowd). Of course it was freezing cold down there. With hurricane waters. But, hey, no work and that's ok with me. Hubby and I stayed in a condo 1 block in from the beach. You could hear the waves crashing as you went to sleep at night. I grew up near the ocean so this is like a lullaby to me. I do have some ranting to do. Now, I know I need a little work on the old figure, so I did walk (sat, sun and tues) for about 40-45 mins. I kept the alcohol to a very minimum ( 4 cosmos all week). And I really watched the food I was consuming. So according to WW I am up 0.4lbs. Not bad for coming back from vacationland. So here is rant #1, if you find yourself vacationing in LBI please do a favor to all the women who are not a size six and don't shop at this botique on the island N**A ( I have not posted the full name but, there is only one of it's kind in Beach Haven and it is on the same block as Fantasy Island. I couldn't wait to check this place out. Have credit card, on vacation, blah,blah.... So upon entering, several salespeople mulling about and COMPLETELY IGNORING ME. I was in there looking around for a good 20 mins. Not one person said a word to me. Nothing. Zip. This my friends is not the first time that this has happen to me. Contrary to the snobs that work in these botiques, I am not overweight because I sit home shoving it in my cake hole. No need to treat me like I'm beneath you. Besides, how do they know I'm not shopping for someone else????? Perhaps I should open a botique with trendy clothes for the over size 12 crowd. How awesome would that be. Because in this particular N**A botique 3 sales people were falling all over a 17 year old girl. Know why???? Because that is about the average age of the the american woman that can fit in a size 6, therefor, she is their customer base. So. That's my rant on that. Don't shop there. They are not very nice people. They don't deserve your hard earned cash. Rant #2, actually it's more of a story. I, like alot of people read Knit and tonic, because... Wendy is a super cool gal and I enjoy the stories she tells. I especially like the gym stories. So low and behold, in the calmness that is my gym..... erupts a story. I was on the treadmill, minding my own business, reading my mag. Woman next to me is running. A gal comes up to her and says, Are you ok??? I heard all about the screaming. my ears perk up ever so slightly.... Turns out, from what I gather, this woman's love interest or something of the sort got mad at her over something ( I missed that part) and decided to start screaming at her while she was running on the treadmill. Screaming and issuing death threats. (Oy. Glad I was not there at that point). Must have happened the day before because she said he keeps leaving her messages on her phone, begging for her forgiveness. Ugh. I need to start working out at home. So I was going to post another pic, but blogger is not cooperating with that so.... On the knitting front, lots of work for upcoming cranberry festival. Lots of newsboy caps working...will post pics soon

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