Friday, September 22, 2006

sharin' my stash

What's that women's mantra? If you've got it flaunt it. Well here is the stash (most of it). I am sick, I have a problem. Defintely need an acrylics anonymous meeting. Actually looking at it this way it doesn't seem like much. At least to me. That being said, some of this yarn has been around since the beginning of my knitting, which at this point is about 4 years. So, yeah, that's pretty long. The bin in the back with the blue yarn I actually acquired at a neighbor's garage sale. Cheap. Nice stuff too. Lots of Lopi. The bin in the front on the right is full of cascade 220. This second pic is just a draw full of odds and ends, projects waiting to be started. On top of it lay the never ending junk pile. Items to be felted, patterns, etc.. The alpaca in the other pic is from my trip to LBI. I had forgotten my 10.5 dpn's. I was shocked to find Island Knits. A fairly new shop in LBI. Nice lady. Can't just buy sticks so I bought some alpaca (4 skeins). The teal is lovely and I can't wait to work with it. I'm thinking cabled scarf???? Ok, that completes my show and tell for today :)


Charity said...

Hey, flaunt away! Who doesn't love checking out stash? :0)

FaeryCrafty said...

Nice stash flash ;)