Tuesday, August 15, 2006

'Ol Buddy 'Ol Pal

Having sisters is a great thing. My one sister and I are seperated by 2+1/2 years. This is the perfect age gap. You are basically going through the same experiences at the same time while growing up. Don't get me wrong, we had those sibling fights when we were kids, but for the most part... I had a built in pal to play Barbies with. To get into mischief with. To set up the Haunted house in the basement, put on "musicals", etc.. My sister has 3 beautiful children. For a long time she was in an abusive marriage and I did not get to spend very much time with her. Abusive men tend to seperate their wives from their families. But she has been divorced for many years now and I (as most of my family) was there to help her when she finally left him. She now has a wonderful man in her life and I finally have my 'Ol pal back. We try to spend lots of time together. I am very proud of her. She went back to school 2 years ago and has almost received her Associates degree. This is an awesome achievement. She got her GED from highschool and was out of school for about 20 years when she decided to go to college. You go girl!!!! So this past weekend hubby and I went to a wedding in Pittsburg. Nice place!!! Very clean and we both said we would go back to stay and check it out. Has I known how nice it was I would've applied to Duquense. But, that ship has sailed. So we went to an Indian/American wedding. Very nice. I got to wear one of my sari's that I bought on the India trip. Let me tell you, they are comfy. I would wear one to all the weddings I attended if I thought I could drape myself. My mother inlaw has to help me out with that part :) But then again, that is part of wearing a sari. The tradition of the draping.


FaeryCrafty said...

You look beautiful in your Sari!

Charity said...

You look lovely! I've always wanted to wear a sari, but thought it might be disrespectful.

I'm glad to hear your sister is happy, and you are close again. Sisters are like nothing else on earth :0)

Mitchypoo said...

First, I'm proud of your sister too, it is hard to leave and turn your life around but I'm glad she did!

That Sari is gorgeous and you look so pretty in it. I love that color!