Thursday, August 10, 2006

Five Generations of fun

This past weekend we had something really cool happen. My gram is up from florida so we had a group photo taken of the women. Five generations of women. I think I have mentioned that with the birth of Maricella my mother has become a great grandmother. So my gram is a great,great grandmother. How completely cool is that?????? I remember my great grandmother and my great grandfather, she spoke hungarian and my ggpop(on the other side) used to take us out for rides in his fifties style station wagon. He always brought circus peanuts (those sickly sweet orange candies) and malted milk balls. He always had candy! What a great way to be remembered-"sweetly". The other cool thing about this picture is that my sister(the one with the big belly here) hasn't even given birth to Maricella's second cousin yet. All of my second cousins are in my mother's age group. These two will be more like sisters!!! It was a fun weekend. I enjoyed spending time with my gram and getting to hold that precious little baby. She's extremly alert and is already beginning to teeth (at 2 months!!!!) Her mommy is going to have lots of fun :)


Charity said...

What an awesome photograph! That's something you will cherish forever :0) I love babies when they start to get alert and aware of things.. the first couple of months, they're so sweet and tiny, but they don't really DO anything, you know?

FaeryCrafty said...

What a great picture and wonderful memories :)