Friday, April 30, 2010

Lovely Lilacs

I love Lilacs! We had several lilac bushes on our property when I was growing up. This time of year the house would always have vases of them in several rooms and the smell...just heavenly. It is my plan to get one for our yard. It will be a very special lilac bush, because I will give my Bootsie girl back to the earth with this bush. I have had a little shrine set up for her with her ashes for 3 years. I still have my breath taken away sometimes when I think about her loss. She was and always will be my pal. The next generation is enjoying all of the work that she put in to changing Mr. Happiknits into a cat person! So I thought it fitting to plant something that I have wanted here since we moved in almost 8 years ago!

I also wanted to share some of these lovely lilac items that I found. Most are from beautiful Etsy sellers, and some are from Le Creuset. Yes. I *love* to cook, and what better to cook in that purple cookwareI ask you, could it get any better????? Enjoy these sweet items, I see several that are going to wind up on my birthday list, ok they can all go on my birthday list!!


penny patten said...

I like your lilac post, pretty flowers, cup cozie, and more.

Anonymous said...

Purple is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite color! I actually gasped when I got to the La Creuset set.

Also, I love the idea of living memorials. My little chinchilla is memorialized with a hydrangea bush in our yard. They are my favorites... (and purple, too!)

Sea Witch said...

Love these colors. So full of life and softness. Sea Witch

Miss Val's Creations said...

What a great tribute to lilac! It is such a pretty plant and an amazing summer color.

Sharon said...

Beautiful lilac post! One of my favorite flowers. That yarn is yummy!