Thursday, April 01, 2010

Distractions While Waiting

Great news! Today I got confirmation from the surgeon that the biopsy came back as benign!!! Thank you to everyone who sent out prayers and good thoughts. You really helped me through a scary situation *hugs* .
Last Thursday, my lovely neigbour Donna and I took a trip out to Colombus. This is another huge outdoor market that is a short distance. I always work Thursday, so it was a treat to be on vacation and able to go on the busiest day. We found lots of goodies. Not my typical finds, but fun and exciting none the less! I think one of the best parts about shopping at the market is the people that are selling. For the most part they are an interesting group of characters. Each with their own story. This is why I am in love with vintage shopping. The pieces themselves have stories. A lace collar that is over 100 years old. Who wore that collar? Did she save up to buy it? Did she make it? Did her love present it to her as a gift of his affection. Did he admire her and how beautiful she looked in it? Ok, I am getting a little carried away, but how can you not fall in love with vintage?

At one booth we went to the seller had a bunch of old pictures just thrown in a plastic tub. This upset my friend Donna, as it should have. These are people's history. It's sad enough that it ends up at a vintage market, it should at the least be treated with respect. I think she got through to him. He seemed touched, she was visibly disturbed by this and ready to buy the whole tub of photos just to organize them...She is the best I tell you!!!! So the same guy was selling these gorgeous print blocks from India. Donna spotted them , I would have just breezed by them, they looked like lumps of black so I tend to tune out the stuff I am not on a mission for, I need to be more open minded. They are stunning! So this started me on asking him where he was from in India, and I told him where my hubby was from. He then told me, I fell in love with an American girl. Oh at that statement my heart melted. Just the tone of his voice when he said it. Too sweet. And sure enough on his business card, his wife's name is Pam. What a love story that must be :)


marci said...

Great finds and what a lovely love story with the man from India. ONe day I'll get to Columbus.

Claudia said...


I am so happy that it is benign. I have been thinking about you - this is wonderful news.

Love all your beautiful finds.


Anonymous said...

woohooo!good health rules and prayers are answered-again! as far as the print blocks from india, i do believe we-you breezed past them at Lambertville...i was being pulled towards them, but apparently those blocks were put in your path-again...interesting very interesting...;)

Sandy D. said...

Becca, thanks for the message, it is wonderful news, all of the prayers a good karma worked. Columbus market is great, but like you I work so usually we go on Sunday but I bet it is better during the week. Have a great weekend and I am thrilled at your good news.

PS Love your buttons and lace.