Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Funky Fabric Finds

I took a trip to my now favorite thrift store, The Red, White and Blue shop. This place is humongous!!! It is conceivable to spend a whole afternoon browsing through, but I limited my mom to 1.5 hours(otherwise we would not have been able to have a yummy Indian food lunch in Princeton). You just never know what you are going to find. I have, recently, changed what I am looking for when shopping. I now don't necessarily look at all items as wearable (although I will tell you I have found some nice wardrobe pieces for spring!). Rather I look at them as fabric, buttons, materials for upcycling. My favorite new thing! I am trying to be more environmentally friendly in my creating. I am as I have talked about in the past, completely in love and awe of Gibbous Fashions. To take apart a bunch of stuff and sew it back together to make something completely funky, hip and eco-friendly. Now if I can just lose the last 15lbs!!! maybe I could fit in something~ anyhow, I digress here. I wanted to share with you this plethora of vintage fabric that was all on one piece if clothing. I saw it and went OMG!!!! what fun is this! and it went into my cart :) Total fun fabrics, very bright, very retro, very Happiknits!!

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Very fun summer fabrics! They just make you happy looking at them!