Friday, July 28, 2006

It's a sickness for sure

Oy. I got a delivery yesterday. More yarn. Correction: more cascade yarn. I ordered via net, at check it out. Once again, fast service. So one serious thing I am learning from buying yarn this way, the colors are not exactly the way they look on the computer. I looked at these colors online and it was all I could do to stop at only this many skeins. All the colors looked pretty. It's like the dress shop that uses a skinny mirror. You buy the outfit, take it home, and go....uh, how come it doesn't look as good on me at home? So although I highly recommend the kyarns, I think it's best to see the yarn up close and personal before buying. I also bought some purse handles and magnetic closures for the pocketbooks I'm working on. I also bought a sewing of that to come. I've been wanting one for some time now. I can't wait to get started. I used to sew in highschool (mom taught me), so it's been awhile. I figure if I can teach myself to knit, why not sew also. Better yet, if I can handsew my pieces together, why not figure out a machine... Hah, famous last words.. So I also wanted to posted some pics from my friend Dan's gig. Pics are grainy due to use of regular 35mm camera, and dark club..Oh yeah, these were taken at the Legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Band name: The Verge. We used to work together when I was in pharmacy school. I have known both of his sisters for quite sometime now. So dan is a great friend. We both like the same alternative music and we used to hang out in belmar, play trivia and drink screwdrivers made with fresh squeezed orange juice. I highly recommend this drink, it's worth the extra work of squeezing the oranges. yum. So that's it for me today, have a peaceful weekend.


Charity said...

Love the new yarn! Even if it's not what you expected, the colours are still great... what a variety!

Beatriz said...

just stopped by to say "hi" to new Knit Blog're knitting and food look fantastic. I got hungry just looking at the green beans.

FaeryCrafty said...

The new yarn is pretty! I'm trying to hold myself back from buying some myself!