Sunday, July 09, 2006

Free recipe Sunday

Yesterday after work I took a little trip to WholeFoods. As I have said before one of my favorite foodstores. I decided to make salmon last night. I don't eat regular salmon (farm raised-if you are not sure what your eating, it's probably farm raised) so I traveled to WF to get the good stuff. Fresh King Salmon, wild caught. So as I side dish I made saffron rice and hearts of palm salad. So here's the recipe for the salad...
1 Lrg jar hearts of palm
1 pint grape tomatoes
1 bunch asparagus
1 lemon
olive oil
dijon mustard
salt, pepper, garlic salt, onion powder to taste

chop up asparagus, steam for 3-4 minutes, plunge into ice bath, then drain
chop hearts of palm and tomatoes
mix juice of lemon, olive oil and a tsp of dijon mustard unitl emulsified, add remaining ingredients, toss to coat and serve. Enjoy!!!

While we are on the food subject, I also found these Black Mission Figs. Beautiful. Not easy to find in these parts. Will have to think up something to make with these. Pasta dish? Maybe next weeks FRS. On the knitting front. I started playing around with some manos yarn I had in my stash and guess what happens, I run out of yarn. Run out of manos at 5pm on a sat in the summer. Good luck finishing that. Most LYS are closed in sunday, so it will have to wait to get finished. I only have about 12 more rows to go. Crimeney. I should have known better. But as in everything knitting I always have to learn the hard way.


Charity said...

What are you making with the Manos? I love the colourway :-)

Becca said...

That UFO is going to be a pocketbook. Just have to go in search of that color. It is my favorite yarn...