Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth day!

I wanted to do something special today. The weather is crappy here, so planting was out of the question! So I had myself a fun day of shopping for items to use in my creations. Recycling. Vintage. Earth friendly. I was in Ocean county anyway, so I decided to stop into some of my favorite antique stores in Point Pleasant. The emporium is 3 floors of fun! I have my favorite shops already and one of them I actual got to meet the owner for the first time. Her daughter models for a shop on Etsy Sweettoothvintage lovely woman, and she is very talented! So I wanted to show some pics of my finds. I went a bit overboard, but what else is new! I found some beautiful lace, and vintage collars at The Canvas house. Also some funky jewelry! I will destrand it and use those beads for something! The pearl collar is simply to die for! I thought it might look awesome with something bridal. There is one woman at the Emporium that has the most lovely lace. It's hidden, so it's kind of like it's waiting for me (lol) to find it! I also decided to browse through her vintage clothing and voile, I found this stunning pink and cream dress. Do you remember in Pretty in Pink (ok, showing my age here) when she couldn't afford to buy a prom dress like all the snotty girls, so she took 2 dresses, ripped them apart and created something brand new , funky and worthy of Andrew McCarthy(oh, be still my heart I had the biggest crush on him). That's what I felt like when I found this dress. I saw the something new being created in my head! I fell in love with that stunning band of pale pink crushed velvet. Speaking of velvet. I have had an eyeball out forever for some fushia pink velvet. Well I found it. My eye was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Said shop owner that I met today said she just put it out. BINGO!!!! my lucky day! I also scored a bunch of pretty lace, some more jewelry pieces and vintage ribbon. Too much fun for one day! I am off to create. I have so much inspiration here, I'm busting at the seams! Check out my Earth Day post at the FDL website. Love your Mother Earth.


Leigh said...

Point Pleasant? As in NJ? What store is this? I must make a trip!

Becca said...

The Antique Emporium, and The Canvas house, they are both off of 35, just not sure of the street :) ALOT of fun!