Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Change of Scene

Sometimes you need a change of scenery. I usually take my pictures in the same spot at the same time of day. But yesterday I tried to change that. I tried to take my pictures in the am before work. In my usual spot. They came out way too dark. So, this forced me to look around the house. Where else could I take a pic?

Tip No. 1: try photographing in lots of different spots inside and out. So, I tried by the front door first and it seemed to put a bit of shade onto the shrug. Pretty but I wasn't sure about it. This my friends is an issue when you're taking pics. I never trust what I am seeing on the camera screen. It might look good there but once it is on the computer it is a different story.

Tip No.2: take lots and lots of pictures. Different angles, different spots, different settings. Next I tried the dining room. I figured it's a romantic theme, what better setting than a flowery room. ~ A little side note here. This room is one of the very few rooms left in my house that was decorated by the previous owner. It seems to suit the room. Please note that almost every room in this house was pink when we moved in. Nearly drove Mr. S crazy at the sight of all the pink. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with pink. But parlor, bedroom, dining room, kitchen?!? It's enough to sterilize any man. I love the way the picture came out. The back round is a bit busy but it's soft colors so I think it's ok. What do you think? Do you like the first one or the second one? To see which one I decide to use check out the Queen of the Forest shrug here.


ei! kumpel said...

Great post Becca!

oh and the blog looks lovely, congrats!


robin said...

Hey Becca!
The blog looks AMAZING!!! I love it!!! Darcy did a great job.
Hope you are doing great!
:) Robin