Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I Buy Handmade

So today I was reminded why I prefer to buy handmade. It's a snowy day here in NJ, and I went out to the bank and I wanted to look at some beads for my charm bracelet, you know the kind that starts with a "P". So I went to this little shop around the corner. They carry all kinds of "Gifty" items. I will not mention the name..Anyhow. I swear I saw an ad in the local paper that they now had some new beads that were Valentine's in nature. I am a huge heart fan. Love em year round I wear hearts. So with cash in hand I walked into the store.. Only to stand there for about 20 minutes while the snow is swirling around outside and the saleswoman is having a discussion with these 2 women about buying things in threes. Ok, I understand, you want to make the sale to them, but , here's a novel idea...why don't you excuse yourself from them while they are deciding what bajillion dollars they are going to spend (not!) and ask me if I need help. Friends, I have worked in retail. Many moons ago before becoming a RPh I sold cosmetics. There is a right way and a wrong way to work in retail. Let me tell you, this is the wrong way. I finally caught her eye and asked, do you have the new heart beads? She looks at me-down her nose I might add- and states "we only get beads in the spring and the fall". O.K. I'm done here. I will take my cash and shop on Etsy now. Or perhaps 1000markets. From someone that hand blows their glass beads. Glass beads that no one else will be sporting on their bracelet. I continually do not understand these places. Am I not a customer also? Do I have to sport diamond earrings and a fur coat to get waited on? Wrong, oh so wrong.

End of rant. I do leave you with a new Faerie cape that I am working on. I still need to put attatchment on front and I am working on a felted brooch for this lovely. I am in love with the Ozark....


Kitty Wilkin said...

Man, that stinks! I hate when that happens. All the more reason to shop handmade ALL the time. Good luck finding the perfect beads! I'm sure it won't be hard with the amazing talent on Etsy and 1000 Markets.. and beyond!

ps. I love hearts too!

Liesl said...

Certain people should not be sales. Or anything that involves human interaction!
Good luck finding handmade beads.
And what a beautiful, whimsical cape!