Sunday, January 18, 2009

That's why they call me Happiknits

I have definetly been in a "colorful" mood as of late. I think it's all this gray/snowy weather we have been having in Jersey. COLD!!! As I sit here typing in my office that feels like there is no heat in here....Last night when I finished my rounds on the computer my fingers were blue! My mom and mother in law always dress extra warm when they come here (lol).. Anyway, so my creating has been on the bright side. I made some fingerless gloves to match the Mantra capelet. I love the blue and orange together. I need to make myself a pair of these... Also I used some more of the pooch in my stash for another cowl. I am loving these cowls and they are definetly limited edition. Michael's has NO pooch left, gone. Sure, just when I figure out something cool to make with it. This is the story of my life. Same with the Monet scarf. Yarn gone. Discontinued. Ugh. and trust me I have looked everywhere. So I have enough for maybe 3 more monet scarfs and that's it. Bummer. I am also working on another cape in pinks and purples. It is coming along quite well, and I am happy with it! Pics coming soon!

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Randomocity said...

Very nice! And your blog makeover looks awesome!