Friday, October 08, 2010

Vintage Art brooches

For several years now I have been gathering lots of vintage lace, buttons, milinery flowers, photos, and whatever else strikes my fancy at the market. Although I have started incorporating some of it into my knitting work, I have wanted to do something akin to mixed media but, on a wearable. My entomology capelet was certainly the first successful piece(trust me, it took several failed attempts to get it right) and in my mind, as we hone our craft the pieces just get better and better. I think I have mentioned in the past that I am, aside from 6 knitting lessons, completely self taught. Through much trial and error. Because, it always seems to take me a few tries to get things right. So I have been working on these brooches. I *love* the way the two came out. I have already sold my first one at the Cranberry Festival this past weekend. I *love* this image. Absolutely stunning woman. And I had a fantastic time playing with all my vintage goodies to find the perfect combination for both of these brooches!



lovelythingsstudio said...

Gorgeous!...and oh so romantic! Just love them.

(I have a goodie for you that would work well on a brooch!!!)

XO, Donna

penny patten said...

very unique and pretty.