Saturday, March 06, 2010

Time For Reflection

Hello dear friends. I have been quiet as of late. Quietly reflecting, observing, oh and working my butt off back at bootcamp. Back to getting up at 5:30am and feeling tired, but great. So no more late nights up staring at the glow of the monitor. The serial Etsy shopper is taking a break this week~ although I did purchase one rockin, awesome, vintage pink and white samsonite suitcase. I have been working on my spring line, in *love* with organic cotton. I cannot get enough of the stuff, it is so soft and yummy to work with. I am hoping to make it to the market tommorrow, weather is quite beautiful here this weekend and perhaps there will actually be some people selling!!! Congrats to Sara from Lushmommy for winning my giveaway!

Until next time,



ei! kumpel said...

feel better soon!

xx :)

gabbygoodies said...

reflection brings creativity...see what the pond shows you lovey, take care of you:)