Saturday, August 01, 2009

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited me from Where Blogger's Create. I really enjoyed visiting new and exciting blogs and see all the awesome creative spaces! I was on vacation this past week. We traveled to North Carolina to visit my inlaws and my sister in law and family. Including my sweet nephew who is the CUTEST! We also took a drive to Wilmington, NC for a day trip to the beach. Wilmington is the only place I have every seen a Laundry mat that is also a cocktail lounge (The Soapbox).I love the beach, as I have said many times. I think when you are born by the beach you have sand in your blood forever. It was a relaxing week, a fun road trip. But I did have some "work" to do for the shop. I really don't consider it working. I also enjoyed sitting on my Mother-in-law's beautiful screened in porch (with ceiling fan!), knitting and chatting while everyone else napped. Definetly time well spent. Reminds me of how much I really miss her! I had a large order for Incognito cowls before I left, I worked on knitting them and shipped them out when we got back. I am still working on more fingerless gloves and another Organic cotton shawl.

I also received a present I bought myself from Gibbous. Check out the fancy box handmade decorations and the way it was packaged! I love it!! I love her shop. I have been waiting for the perfect piece to come along- don't get me wrong I love ALL her stuff. BUT alot of it is tiny, and I alas, am not that tiny, although I can report an additional 3 lb loss while on vacation, which brings me to almost 30lbs so far. So, I felt it was a fair thing to treat myself to a little gift from Selene's shop. I am and always have been a hat girl. I used to collect them back in the 80's. All vintage. I think I still have one somewhere. But this one is very funky and one of a kind!

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