Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A New Object of Desire

I have shared with you that I am a big collector of vintage buttons. I have been for many years. I now realize that I have a new affection for all things vintage lace. I've got it bad too. I can't seem to stop myself when I find these things. My latest trip to the Antique shops in Point Pleasant initially felt unsuccessful. The usual shops didn't have anything new. Then while I was in the Canvas House I remembered that they have an upstairs that I have not yet visited. So, buried in a tiny room under a bunch of doilies I found a zip lock bag. It was marked "vintage collars", I took a look and, yup, score! But I did not realize exactly all that was in it until I washed everything. Lots of pretty things. I am not sure on what exactly this one little treasure is, maybe someone knows it's original purpose? It has a seam on one end, not a collar, I'm just not sure, but the lace is stunning!There were also some collars included (lol) most of the items were lace pieces and fabrics. But the collars are in excellent condition and I am thinking that I may just have to leave them as is. They are too pretty to part with.


Karen Valentine said...

Hi Becca! I'm so happy you'll be joining the fun!!! WBC is such a great magazine, I think we'll have a grand time!

My Desert Cottage

I'm Julia said...

Oh, that beautiful work. When I see intricate handwork like that, it makes me wonder... what did her hands look like?

Sandy Michelle said...

What a stunning collection of lace etc!! Happy 4th of July!!

Sandy xoxo

Beth Dunn said...

Gorgeous. I want to cover myself in it. xoxo

Jodie LeJeune said...

Too pretty to part with and too pretty to repurpose. I know, I feel like that about most of my finds all the time so I just admire them!!!!
Those are beautiful finds, you sure did score girl!!!!
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