Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Path Less Traveled

This year Mr. S and I joined an organic farm co-op. Yesterday was our first day for pickup (we split with another family) and first official day at the farm. This is an awesome thing. You buy a "share" of the harvest from june through november. I have been wanting to do this for a long time now and this year the opportunity presented itself. So this week was pick your own strawberries and snow/sugar snap peas. Trust me I grew up with a huge garden in the backyard and I love to play in the dirt, but I am extremely tick paranoid. This being said you can see the dilemma I was faced with as I went to pick the peas. I was in the row that was so overgrown. But I forged forward and took the path less traveled. I found it to be quite meditative and I could have stayed in that pea patch for hours. I am sharing some photos of the farm with you. My inlaws were visiting us so we took them with us. It was an awesome time and the bounty was plenty! Last night I made a fresh Arugala salad with shaved parmesan chees, toasted pine nuts and a homemade lemon vinegarette, Yummy!!!!


Susan Williamson said...

I think I would have joined you on "The path Less Traveled." There's something appealing about foraging for your own food instead of proceeding down an orderly-looking row to harvest it.
P.S. Your salad sounds divine. Reading about it reminded me that I haven't eaten supper yet and something fresh and tasty would really hit the spot.

I'm Julia said...

Lovely post. I'd be munching as I picked.

I had that very salad once, only with lime & olive oil. It was indeed, divine.

Mountaindreamers said...

good for you to support gardening , it is so important to heal the earth and grow organic foods, we can do this is everyone chips in. Great Blog and love the pics !!

Becca said...

Thank you ladies, and Julia I did munch as I picked, I couldn't help myself :)

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh my gosh...and you didn't call me for dinner??? I know I've been out for a while...but I'm always available for salad! ;)
Your "farm" looks they really have ticks in there? I'm with you on that bugs for me! I think I'll just stick to the grocery store isle to be safe.
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