Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Vintage goodies

Mom and I went shopping in Point Pleasant a couple of saturday's ago. We had a great lunch and then hit up some of the many antique stores. I love antique stores, and my main goal was to find an antique dressmaker mannequin. I found several, but all were being used as displays and no one was selling. What I did find was this super groovy '70's sewing box with all the goodies tucked inside. It was just sitting there...waiting for me to find it!!!! What a find I tell you! Anytime I find vintage buttons, brooches, or any kind of sewing notions I consider it a successful shopping venture. So I will probably use some of this awesome stuff for the etsy creations. I finished another capelet today. I am calling it the blissful capelet. I made it navy blue. I am a big fan of blue. ~~As you can see in some of these pics~the guest room is a pretty shade of periwinkle~ So back to the capelet... It came out super pretty---gonna have to make myself one :)
So here is pic and I will include link to shop, if you would like to see some additional photos...

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