Saturday, February 23, 2008

EEEk! Etsy is down

OK so it's saturday and I'm all set to post some new stuff and alas.....Etsy is having technical difficulties. Ten minutes and I'm already suffering withdrawl symptoms... Boy, I have got it bad. I'm such a big fan of the site (can you tell?). So I guess I will post my new stuff here first!!! This is the Agni capelet. Agni means "fire" oh yeah, this color is hot this spring. I love orange. The flower is yellow at the suggestion of my good pal Heather (excellent choice girlfriend!) . I also made a flower with some pretty designer fabric that I had in my fabric stash. And I used a super funky vintage button. I'm liken it. So check out the shop if you want to see more pics. I also finished a felted bag. These are far and too few inbetween. They just take so long to make. I machine sew the lining and then hand sew it into the bag. I used to machine sew it into the bag but that leaves a stitch mark on the outside of the bag and I don't like the way it looks. I'm not completely sure on a name for it yet, but here is a pic...It came out cute, and I love this gingham fabric in pretty purple. I'm working at the stash!!! The flower yarn was also from my yarn stash, some Lopi that has been in there for awhile!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love reading blogs but it's so nice to see a knitting blog. Pretty purse. I love to knit but felting was never my thing. Too much mess in my washing machine and too many family complaints of lint everywhere.

I will bookmark you for future reading.

Becca said...

Thank you Helen, so nice of you:) I'm checking out your blog also