Saturday, July 21, 2007

Some garden pics

Hubby and I just finished up vacation. We kind of hung around the homestead for this one. We did take an overnight trip out to Hershey, Pa. and Lancaster. It was a fun trip. Although, I have to say, Lancaster is commercial! I was looking for authentic amish country. We did find it on our way home, but at first it looked like a major hub. Lots of "outlets" if that's what your into. I don't things are any cheaper in them. On thursday my mom came out for the day and we cleared ALL the weeds out of my overgrown garden, spinkled preen all over an mulched. Hard work, but it looks beautiful now. So I decided to post some pics from my plants around the house. OK, so as usual pics don't want to upload....ok, here we go, this is one of the front planters, verbena, mini petunias and geraniums. The other planter is having issues- I think it's a beetle leaving spit all over the petunias, so I have to replant new ones. I have spent alot of time babying my azaelas this year. A use for used coffee grinds!!!! They love them and already look much better. The second planter contains sweet potatoe vine, petunias (large and small) and some kind of daisy. In my window box I have almost the same combo as the front planter except I used full size petunias instead of babybells.This window box has done beautfully this year with minimal work!!! Next, one of my pride and joys!! My huge hosta that is planted in full sun!!!! I know, not believable right? Hostas are usually shade loving plants, but, every year this one grows larger and larger.Next, a mandavilla vine that was a bd present from my friend, master gardner, Janet. Next to it is a boudelia I planted just last year!!! Lots of sun in the willy nilly garden. I also caught this cool butterfly hanging out on it. Pride and joy #2 is my huge Boudelia that my grandmother bought me 2 years ago. It's gorgeous!!!! Always lots of butterflies hanging out on this one. Also deer will NOT eat these. So if you have a deer problem like we do- try a butterfly garden. However, I did plant alot of echinachea and they ate all of them. They like the leaves, so they chew it down to the stalk and the flowers never get a chance to bloom. I have one more pic... This is helenium. I planted it last year and kind of forgot about it. So I pulled it out of the ground in the spring thinking it was a weed. My first clue should have been the fact that there was a root ball. I realized what it was when I looked back at some pics. So upon Janet's recommendation I put them root balls in water for 3 days,then replanted them. Well, I think it worked, don't you???


FaeryCrafty said...

Sooooooooooooo pretty!!

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