Monday, July 16, 2007

KNitting injury!!!!!

Yes I am still here- I have been injured!!!!! Not sure how it happened. I think I did it at the gym and then kept knitting through the injury and wound up with some seriously painful tendonitis, aka "tennis elbow" or shall we call it "knitting elbow". Yup. Kept knitting. So I finally have strength back in my arm, but still have pain. So a short post with some projects I finished. Cute rose bag with cute satin lining, I used malabrigo. I also made this super cute star bag-- I used Valley yarn-berkshire from I really like this yarn it's super soft and felts really well. Of course being the fabric addict that I have become I chose this cutie lining material--slightly juvenile, but then again, your never too old for smiley stars and clouds :) Also I want to leave you with a pic of Zoe Belle who is growing so fast, I can hardly believe it , she's always in "attack mode". She is the loviest cat ever. Pics of her sisters soon...
Also on a completely different note I joined a gym. Has anyone tried spinning???? I tried it once in college and thought it was kick ass, but I never continued with it. So upon joining the gym and my "knitter's elbow", I wanted to take a class but the thought of "body pump" or "body attack" and all that upper body work, I settled on spinning. And you know what.......I liked it so much I got out of bed on saturday at 7am and took an 8am class. Crazy! I also bought a heart monitor and bike pants. Have you seen these things? OK- spandex plus a shitload of padding in the crotch area. Hmmm, being an 80's chick who swore off spandex FOREVER....I think my comfort on the spinning seat is more important than the attractiveness that I exude while walking into the darkened spin room. So I broke down and bought them but did not wear them this morning- couldn't do it..

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FaeryCrafty said...

Awww she's so cute! I hope your booboo is better soon!