Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Have Been Sewing My Heart Away

I Haven't posted in awhile!  But I have been a busy girl.  I'm still knitting away(even through the warmer months).  This is my time of the year to create new designs~ and I have a ball doing it!  But, I would say my passion is swaying towards sewing.  And it's a selfish passion, because aside from the occasional loop scarf, I have no plans(as of now) of selling what I sew.  It's ALL about me.  I have been with the awesome JoAnn at Just Make It Sew every Wednesday an for almost 3 years now.  I consider her a fabulous teacher and friend.  She has taken me fabric/trim shopping in the city (NYC~ us Jerseyans just call the CITY! If you're going to Philadelphia, it's PHILLY) and I finally made the trip all by myself. No Problem!!  The iPhone is a fabulous tool :)  So, I just wanted to share a few of the pieces I made with JoAnn.  She asked me to photograph them for her new flyer! JOY! SOOOO flattered and honored!!!

These three pieces are my favorites, there is also a cape that has some hand sewing that has to be done before it is ready for the limelight!  The first pic of the tank and skirt JoAnn and I decided we wanted to make brocade skirts.  This awesome fabric was quite pricey from Mood, but Oh SO worth it!!  The tank was a purchase on Etsy from Artlab.  The yellow and grey dress was my first project with JoAnn.  We altered a smaller vintage pattern to fit me.  It was a process!!  But again, SO worth it.  It is very frustrating to love vintage dresses and see them all in size xs and s.  I guess women didn't eat in the 50's!!!
And lastly, this is the current project in the works!  A Colette Macaron.  The black lace is from Mood.  My sister asked for some black floral lace, this was not what she was looking for~ lucky ME!  I think it was perfect for this dress!!  The Paris fabric I bought from JoAnn's shop~ she has exquisite taste in fabric!! The sleeves on this dress are TOO cute!!  I am ready to start on the skirt portion which will be in the Paris fabric as well.  Can't wait for the finished dress!!  I will be sure to share it here!

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