Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Trip to The City

Last week I went into the city with my dear friend Donna and her intern Nicki. Now, you may be asking what city? Being that I live in NJ both cities are readily accessible, but to me there is only one that I refer to as "the city" and that is New York. It truly is magnificent. We spent our day in the garment district. Where fashion comes to life :) I had a fantastic time and bought tons of goodies to use in my creations. We started at a fabric shop and then worked our way through lots of shops with trims galore... This fabric shop rocks because they will swatch most fabrics for you, and trust me there is alot to chose from! I bought a couple of yards of fabric and got a few swatches that I thought would be fun to do some needle-felting with, but I was saving up my money for Tinsel.... I almost bought some of this thermal fabric, but I stopped at the price per yard! The next shop was feathers...all kinds of feathers...I *love* them :) Had alot of fun in this store! Bought lots of different colors and I cannot wait to use them! I should have bought one of these boas too..maybe next time :) Our main stop was Tinsel Trading which Donna has been telling me about for along time. It is filled with vintage trims, ribbons, millinery flowers, etc.. It is a dream for a girl like me. Trust me I had a great time, and spent most of my budget here. The staff was *so* helpful. Mostly I bought vintage ribbon. It was all so beautiful and kept so well. Tinsel has a huge collection of vintage and when the vintage sells they produce replicants. But friends, this girl bought only the original. This lovely cabinet was filled with original vintage ribbons, still on the spools, wrapped in paper. *sigh* all so beautiful. They also have such fun little trinkets to place around the house, all handmade. Too much fun for one store if you ask me!

And for a girl with a camera, I was not at a loss for pictures!

The last stop was at another trim shop that had walls and walls of ribbons, tassels and trims!

Just a few more goodies that I bought at Tinsel Trading, this FAB all vintage thread, that will be beautiful with some needle felted flowers, can't wait to play with it!

This gorgeous black ribbon is vintage military, the nice saleswoman ran down into the basement(what I wouldn't give to see that stockroom!) and came back up with it :)

Some of the vintage ribbons from that glass cabinet, they are all vintage, still on the original paper, and oh so worth the price I paid per yard!

Another stunning vintage ribbon *squeal* I cannot wait to create something fantastic with this!

And, last but certainly not least. This silver ribbon is my absolute FAVORITE find of the entire day. Not sure if I can bear to even part with it at all. *sigh* If I could only get myself to France and the Paris flea market, I am sure ribbon like this is aplenty. But for now, I am thrilled to have found this and there was about 1.5 yards of it left, so the saleswoman just gave me the spool! Hope you enjoyed all my finds! I cannot wait to start creating with them!

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