Monday, February 01, 2010

Have I Told You I Love Pink and Green

Pink and green, I SO love these two colors together. Totally girly, a little bit, dare I say..."preppy". When I do my Consignment shopping, looking for wool sweaters to felt. I am always drawn to those colors. Mom and I went last Thursday and I bought a bunch of goodies. Can't wait to felt them and start creating. Here are some pics of my latest. I must confess, it took me a long time to find the combination of items I was looking for. The bag is named, "A Girl In Paris" this was my inspiration for the bag. It is also my challenge piece for the Fashion Design and Lifestyle Etsy street team January challenge. Our challenge was to create an Altered Couture piece. Inspired by the Somerset magazines. I love Haute Handbags, but then again I buy all of there mags :)So here she is, some of the vintage pieces were purchased in Lambertville from Elizabeth and others from some vintage Etsy shops. All in all she was a joy to create. And those stunning handles came from a lovely lady all the way in Thailand. Enjoy! Oh, ps~ I had to throw in a picture of my mannequin Bella in version 2 of the I Love pink scarf, it was just such a pretty picture!



Ginny said...

Great project! I love pink & green as well!

Teresa said...

Oh Becca!
I sooooo am loving that bag!
I do think I need that for my knitting needles and yarn!
Yes I do!
Are you selling these?
And I wish I had not seen that oh so chunky PINK want that too!

Becca said...

Thank you ladies! Yes Teresa, bag is in my Etsy shop :)

Jodie LeJeune said...

Becca! I mean Miss Haute!!!!

This bag is precious girl :)

You are sooo sassy and your style just oozes all over it.

Totally magazine worthy!!

everything vintage

Becca said...

Thank you Jodie, you are TOO sweet

Her Art Nest said...

Beautiful project....and so inspiring. I am thinking I need something like this to carry my knitting around when I'm on the go! The color combination is lovely, and that pink scarf!! Wow! Nancy

Becca said...

Thank you Nancy, I had so much fun making it too :)

Sarah said...

holy smokes! i'm not allowed to visit the Etsy site at work...but as SOON as I get home I WILL be purchasing one of your creations!

Becca said...

Awwww..thanks Sarah *blushing*

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Becca that bag is so fabulous! I too love all the Somerset Mags. They are so fun and so are your designs!