Sunday, January 17, 2010

Felting is Fun

I've been trying to spend some more time with my needle felting machine~she's lonely :) I have a bunch of sweaters felted and ready to go, but have been concentrating on the knitting. I am SO into the knit cape right now. I have been crazy in love with the yarn that is spun by Sara and it just works so well with them. I have 2 capelets on the mannies right now just waiting to be embelished with bits of whimsy. I did find some great vintage millinery flowers that I restored and will be using. One of which is on the nearly finished brooch, I used red and ice blue. I adore this color combo. So beautiful! I was in the next town over and discovered a quilting shop (bought some muslin) and she directed me to a shop that sells yarn, and has spinning classes. As in the wheel, not the bike (lol, I love "spin" class too). So I took a peek and she had some fantastic roving in little mini bags, perfect for my machine! So here's a peek at whats in the works, more to come!

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Teresa said...

I adore FELT! Anything made of felt I love!
I adore the unique way you knit and aspire to knit like you!