Sunday, October 25, 2009

Traveling and Shopping

My two favorite things to do, Travel and shop! I have been a bit busy lately, now is the beginning of the "sick" season at my real world job. It is also the busy season in my Happiknits shop. I have been doing alot of custom work, and I sold at a huge Cranberry Festival in Bordentown. It was a great time, and I met quite a few fellow EtsyNJ sellers. I love festivals because I can see my pieces on there new owners! Last weekend I traveled to upstate NY with my mom and sister to visit my youngest sister and niece. We had an awesome time, although it was very COLD!!!! Despite that all 3 of us sisters got up saturday and sunday at the crack of dawn to shop the local market. Saturday is the farmer's and Sunday is the vintage day. It was fun, my toes were frozen, but the finds on Sunday were disappointing. I think I am super spoiled with the local markets here in NJ. Speaking of, because I needed my "fix" I did back to back mornings this week. Wednesday at The Golden Nugget in Lambertville. This was my first wednesday there. It is there busiest day and it was packed! I found some buttons, and went to visit my fav new Millinery flower lady and got some more flowers and a gorgeous lace collar that Bella is wearing. Thursday I did Colombus. That is their busiest day also. Not a successful day for me there, just a few very pretty buttons, and some pretty old bead necklaces, which I guess is a good day :)

I enjoy just walking around and being in the presence of all the old goodies!! Back to work for me now, will post sooner. I am leaving you with the finished Upcycled bag!



Claudia said...

Wonderful! I'd love to hear about your markets in NJ, since I am just north of you. Where are they? Which would you recommend for a vintage nut like me?

Beth Dunn said...

I'm with you! Travel and shop. xoxo