Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Busy busy

Yes I have been knitting. I just have not been posting the stuff. The girls have been keeping us busy, and I tend to spend my off time with them. Knitting on straight needles is interesting because they try to bite the needles. So I've found circular works much better. Eila (the calico) had a piece of yarn so far down her throat 1 more minute and I would have had to pull it out via an alternate route. The weather outside here is gorgeous today. I did some weed pulling, clearing out the "willie nillie garden". H loves to call it that. But there is some method to my madness. I planted a beautiful green/pink echinechea from white flower farm. I also planted some pink lily of the valley. I have been wanting them for some time so this year I splurged on them. The girls have fun watching the action outside the front door now. I can't believe how long Rajne is . She's super soft and has beautiful gold eyes. All three girls have such beautiful features. We are lucky to get such pretty girls. So, I bought Stephanie Japel's book. I didn't even realize that she was glampyre until I read the bio in the book. I used to read her blog quite frequently. And of course we all know about the one skein wonder. I have to tell ya- I had this yarn in my stash. Cascade 220- three balls of it!!!!!! I am so proud of myself using stash yarn.

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FaeryCrafty said...

Wow look how big!!! They are so pretty!