Friday, January 12, 2007

Oh I've been recovering from the holiday thing...

Wow it's been awhile since I've posted. Been busy with work, still trying to finish taking down the holiday decorations including the tree. I had this weird sore throat thingy that has been going around and H and I were sick for 2 weeks. I did however manage to crank out a pair of "fetching" gloves from knitty for my dear Auntie. Funky right? I used frog tree alpaca from the stash. I want to make myself a pair of these. They were quick and fun to make. I also am in the middle of a sweater for my nephew. Like the one I made for my grand niece. I like working on new projects. Keeps things exciting. Learning new skills and stuff.
So I have to rant a little bit here. Good grief. What is up with people coming into the pharmacy? I realize that people are sick and they don't "feel well" but get this- I'm sick and I'm working, and no I can't call out sick because if I do- there will be no one there to open the pharmacy and give you your drugs. I have come to the conclusion that there is a word for my customers: entitled. Yup, that's it, they must all be entitled. Because they act like they are. Here's the other thing. How do people want the pharmacist to treat them? I am attentive, efficient and accurate. I give them a 15-20 min wait most of the time and I am readily available to answer questions or offer advice. So when someone tells me I need to "work on my bedside manner". Hmm, I'm a) not a nurse b) not a doctor c) in a retail pharmacy offering the above mentioned services, what more do people want. Oh, that's right, I forgot, entitled. PLease already get a grip. Last week I had a customer harass me on the phone, why? not really sure. I offered to call the doctor for her child, to help her out in the way I could. She told me she didn't like my tone. My tone? you mean the tone to my voice that sounds raspy and gruff because I have sinuses packed to the gills and a sore throat that feels like someone has sandpaper in there. That tone? She tells me concentrate on the sick child not the sick adult and perhaps next time I should take a sick day. Please refer to: I cannot call out because who is going to work in the pharmacy. Sheesh lady give me a break, have a heart, I'm trying to give you what you want, but it's never, ever enough.
End of gripe (Hey they call this blog *happi* knits????)

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FaeryCrafty said...

That is why I work from home!! Hang in there.