Tuesday, November 14, 2006

some new knitting stuff

I have been MIA. I know, but I know you can relate because your knitting your fingers away making christmas gifts too...So two of the newest things I've been working on. This is a cable bag. I'll have to try taking another pic, you can't see the cables very well , ok now you can see the cables better. I also used my sewing machine to line the bag with pretty maching fabric..anything using the sewing machine is a challenge. I have definetly been learning alot (on my own) about sewing. So I originally was only going to sew the sides because I didn't think the needle would go through the yarn and fabric, but it DID!!! No problem. easy peasey. I also completed another newsboy cap. I had the idea of including a band and small flower for something different than the norm. wow ok, blogger won't let me add another pic. I guess this is how they get you to sign up for the new version. old version doesn't work.


FaeryCrafty said...

That bag is BEAUTIFUL!!

Charity said...

Love both FOs! Nice work. :0)

Jennifer said...

Great ribbon choice to go with the lovely brown. This is one of cutest cable purses I've seen!