Wednesday, November 09, 2005

felting mania!!!!

Where have I been? Felllltttttiiinggg. Ugh, I don't know what the problem is but my washer does NOT want to felt. Some of these pieces have been through 4 (50min) cycles. Is this unusual? They are still not completely felted. First I thought maybe too much water, um no, my washing machine maybe doesn;t use enough water. It's a calypso so it does not have the center agitator. I think the water does not get hot enough. I have it on hot wash/cold rinse but it's not working. Then I decreased the other objects from 4 pairs of jeans to 1 pair of jeans and a shirt as company. Nope, still not working. But this does not stop me from continuing to knit bags to be felted. I will not give up hope!
I have also been teaching alot of yoga classes. I started subbing at a local studio, oh this is nice.... Such a different atmosphere from the gym, I love it. I taught there sat, sun and today. I also taugh mon at the gym and I am teaching tonight at the gym. Phew, I will sleep good tonight. I feel good.... Lots of yoga makes me a happy(knit:)

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